Sold dollar volume is down substantially from September 2011; this is not a cause for alarm but a potential indicator that inventory is declining. An exciting stat to look at this month is the average days on market of 34 opposed to 67 in 2011. (The information below is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


September 2012

September 2011

% Change

Sold Dollar Volume $3,508,900 $4,446,228 -21.08%
Avg Sold Price $233,927 $234,012 -0.04%
Median Sold Price $223,000 $220,000 1.36%
Units Sold 15 19 -21.05%
Avg Days on Market 34 87 -60.92%
Avg List Price for Solds $237,913 $245,604 -3.13%
Avg Sale Price to Original List Price Ratio 98% 91.10% 7.48%

Courtesy of Jason Martin, a real estate professional & resident of Southwest. He may be contacted by phone at (202) 641-0299 or by e-mail at

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