Several spaces are still available in the Southwest Foreign Policy Discussion Group. For about 10 years, we have been meeting to discuss topics developed by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) under the “Great Decisions” title. The topics are selected to educate us on to the relationship of the United States with the world. Discussions are lively, friendly, nonpartisan, stimulating and genuinely fun. No member of the “Great Decisions” group is an expert, but all read the material in advance and are open-minded and enthusiastic. The material typically consists of about 10 pages of reading, with several references which may also be presented and discussed. We may also invite a knowledgeable resource person. At the conclusion of each session, we cast ballots expressing our views on the topic. These ballots are tabulated by the FPA, which prepares the materials and questions and sends results to foreign policy administrators and the next year’s discussion groups. The FPA has existed for over 60 years, bringing thoughtful issues for discussion to educate the people of the country.

The Southwest DC group will meet on Wednesdays from January to June, from 7-9 pm to cover the 8 topics developed by the FPA. Topics and dates for 2013 are: Future of the Euro Jan 23; Egypt 2/13; NATO 3/6; Myanmar and Southeast Asia 3/27; Intervention 4/17; Iran 5/8; China in Africa 5/29; Threat Assessment 6/19.

The Southwest group meets in a convenient location (townhouse in River Park Mutual Homes, Inc. near 4th & O). Contact Coralie Farlee, 202-554-4407, for further information, to order the 8-topic study guide ($20.00) and to reserve a space for 2013.

By Coralie Farlee

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