St. Dominic Catholic Church, 6th and E Streets SW, will again donate new books to students at Amidon-Bowen Elementary School. The children will be allowed to keep the books and encouraged to read more over the summer.

Several studies have demonstrated that children who have books at home are more likely to do better at school. “We hope that encouraging children to read more will help them do better at school,” said St. Dominic Church Pastor George Schommer.

Last year, the church raised $338 and bought 65 new books for second grade students. The books covered a wide range of topics, including rain forests, sports and geology, as well as biographies of famous Americans such as Frederick Douglass and Coretta Scott King.

For information about this program, or if you wish to donate, please contact Cecilia Daly at (202) 554-7863 or

By Cecilia Daly

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