There is a new private school in Southwest DC, Waterfront Academy; a dual immersion (Spanish and English), faith-based Montessori school with an emphasis on charity and stewardship.

“Opening this school started as a vision of the ideal school for my own children. I believe in Montessori education and want that in the truest sense for my own children,” says Waterfront Academy co-founder and Southwest resident, Melissa Rohan. “When looking for school space to fulfill this vision, my neighborhood made the most sense. There is a clear demand in both Southwest and Navy Yard for more options for educating our children.”

Mrs. Rohan also stated, “as a Latina, I want my children to be bilingual, especially as the demographics of our nation change. Additionally, as the global market becomes more accessible it becomes apparent that today’s children will need to know multiple languages to be competitive. The positive feedback on the school and its mission validates my vision – it is clearly shared in the communities.”

Waterfront Academy has plans to expand through age fifteen over the next several years and is currently looking for additional space to grow.

“We look forward to our first day of school. We aim to meet the big demand for more schools in the area south of the freeway and north of the rivers by providing quality education to children in our neighborhoods,” says Waterfront Academy co-founder David Epstein. “We are looking forward to fulfilling our mission in providing quality education using the Montessori method while we looking for opportunities to work with our neighbors as charitable and good stewards in our community.”

You can learn more about Waterfront Academy and send in applications online at

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