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Students at Amidon-Bowen continue to demonstrate substantial gains in academics and athletics, and the results are translating into significantly higher projected enrollments for the school.

The latest round of Paced Interim Assessment (PIA) test results are in, and Amidon-Bowen students’ scores show significant growth in every grade. In the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, Amidon fifth graders were reading at a 31 percent proficiency rate versus a District average of 40 percent. By the most recent round of PIA exams, Amidon’s fifth graders had reached 68 percent proficiency, versus a District average of 56 percent.

“Clearly, we are using the data available to us to move all of our students forward,” said Amidon-Bowen principal, Izabela Miller.

Amidon’s third and fourth graders are also demonstrating significant improvements over the course of the year, rising to 66 percent proficiency, above the District’s average of 58 percent.

The school’s progress has not gone unnoticed, and DCPS has forecast an almost 10 percent increase in enrollment to 372 students for the coming year, the second time in as many years that enrollment projections have increased. Currently, there are 341 students enrolled.

“I am confident that the work we are doing here will continue to result in real gains for our students,” said Miller.

Meanwhile, the school’s sports teams continue to outperform in citywide competitions against much larger and more established athletic programs. The boys indoor track team finished second in the city, while the girls team finished fourth.

“This was quite an accomplishment,” said Athletic Coach Frank Briscoe, adding that about ten girls and ten boys competed on each team, whereas other city elementary schools draw from upwards of 35 students.

In basketball, the boys finished the regular season undefeated (5-0). This year also marked the first in which Amidon-Bowen has ever fielded a girls basketball team; the team closed out the season with a winning record (4-2) and were poised to enter the playoffs.

By: Lucy Rojansky

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