Waterfront Academy is scheduled to open in June at Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Church, located at 60 I Street SW. Waterfront Academy is a dual immersion (Spanish and English), faith-based Montessori school with an emphasis on charity and stewardship in the Catholic tradition.

In addition to a new location, we are excited to announce the new Head of School, Rebeca Shackleford. Ms. Shackleford was previously with DC Public Schools (DCPS). She is a native Spanish speaker from the Dominican Republic and received her Montessori education in Mexico. She was also the lead teacher in Waterfront Academy’s “Mamá y Yo” class.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to help create a school community that encompasses Dr. Montessori’s vision for schools that provide children with the opportunity to learn in a loving, nurturing, child-centered setting. We are committed to offering our students the freedom to grow both academically and spiritually while fostering their independence and self-discovery,” said Ms. Shackleford.

“As a life-long dual-language learner and educator, I am committed to supporting students in developing bilingualism and biliteracy in Spanish and English, along with promoting cross-cultural awareness and acceptance. I look forward to offering high-quality education to the children of the Southwest neighborhood and surrounding areas.We are so thankful to Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle Church for opening their doors to us and allowing us to share their space to make our vision a reality,” she added.

We anticipate school programming will begin in June with the “Mamá y Yo” classes for children between the ages of 18 months and three years. This is a Spanish immersion Montessori “mommy and me” class. Additionally, there will be several parent information events in June.

In July, we will begin our Spanish immersion summer camp program for ages three to nine. In September, our inaugural school year begins.

Waterfront Academy is currently accepting applications for both primary (ages three to six) and lower elementary (ages six to nine) students. The deadline for school year applications is Monday, June 30. You can learn more about Waterfront Academy and send in applications online at WaterfrontAcademy.org.

By: Melissa Rohan

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