It was a successful first day back to school for Amidon-Bowen Elementary School.

Google surprised art teacher Greta Schorn in her new classroom with art supplies that she had put on a wish list for her class. Google arrived with supplies including glue sticks and canvases. Ms. Schorn said that she always felt bad when a child would come to her for a glue stick and she did not have one to give. is an education funding site that takes teacher requests for supplies that they need in the classroom. Google had elected to fund this effort.

That surprise followed a successful first day of classes with appearances from McGruff the Crime Dog, George Washington (one of the Washington Nationals Racing Presidents), Commander Brown of the First District, Charles Allen, Naomi Mitchell, Jane English (EBFSC), Thelma Jones (SWNA), members of the Armed Services from Fort McNair, and others.

Backpacks, notebooks, and other supplies were given to the kids as they arrived. In addition, names were collected to disseminate baseball tickets donated by the Washington Nationals for a game that took place on Sept. 6.

Amidon-Bowen was one of two schools to adopt an extended day starting this year, allowing room to implement the new Engineering is Elementary (EIE) program into the schedule. The school day now ends at 4:15 pm.

Everyone took a moment to remember former ANC 6D Commissioner Ron McBee, who spearheaded opening day for years before his death last year.

By: Bruce DarConte

Here are photos from the first day of school at Amidon-Bowen Elementary School.
All photos by Perry Klein.
Refreshments were provided by volunteers from Christ United Methodist Church and the Edgewood-Brookland Family Support Collaborative. Some fruits and vegetables came from the Amidon-Bowen Garden.


McGruff the Crime Dog and MPD District 1 Cdr. Jeff Brown were on hand to give notebooks to the students.


PTA President Martin Welles signed up parents and their students for baseball tickets donated by the Nationals.


Coach Briscoe with refreshments in the background.


“George” of the Nationals visited, to the delight of the students.


Principal Miller greets a student at the school entrance.


PTA President Martin Welles shows the Amidon-Bowen Garden. The school hopes to get a greenhouse to continue growing vegetables year-round.

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