As I was handing out flyers to neighbors to visit the Randall Community Center for an event, I was astonished at how many adults did not know where the community center was located (on I Street).

Longtime residents said to me, “Randall School, that’s closed,” or “Oh, you mean the building by the pool?” Mostly I heard, “Oh, you mean the old dog pound.” The kids remembered that last year, “We got to go on some trips and had pizza and other stuff.” New members of the neighborhood gave me puzzling looks and said “Where on I Street?”

There was a nice turnout for the Spring Egg Roll, an event during which golden eggs hidden around the tennis courts and playground are hunted down by little kids, who were greatly entertained and then received prizes. Parents also enjoyed the break from mundane household activities and relaxed in an environment safe for their toddlers.

Sasha Bruce Youthwork has been holding Summer Camp and various youth oriented events at Randall since the grand opening in January 2014. The winter season did not include high participation numbers as people huddled at home, but the spring and summer seasons were filled with neighborhood youths waiting to go to Cameron Run Water Park or Crofton Go-Karts. The Community Yard Sale didn’t quite take off, but luckily the nearby churches were going strong for yard sales for the summer.

During the week, the open and serene indoor space is perfect for getting in tune with one’s body while the yoga instructor softly coaches you into postures of relaxation.

With the big doors open and the music floating outside, you can hear the commanding voice of instructions by the energetic Zumba instructor. This class has become a favorite among ladies and men. The hour-long class featuring movement and good music has been regularly attended and most keep coming back for more.

Now here we are in the fall season and the coolness of the air has us pulling out our sweaters and coats; it’s so easy to just stay indoors and watch movies. However,  all the new housing and dining options rapidly filling out both sides of South Capitol Street can only mean there are lots of new people to meet.

Let’s not lose the summer momentum and give in to the early sunset. What if you had a place where you could go to unwind for an hour or two and create something, learn something new, or help someone to reach their potential, right down the street? That is where Randall comes in; we are open and ready to welcome you inside. When you take your pooch for that much needed walk, why not stop by, check out the events listed, and make a note to come back? Oh, and please leave a suggestion or two for activities. This little brick building is still here and yes, we’re open for you.

By: Maya Renee

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