Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6D held its monthly meeting on Monday, Jan.12 in the DCRA meeting room at 1100 4th St. SW at 7 p.m. Several notable items were on the agenda.

Lieutenant Beslow introduced herself as the new District 1 MPD police liaison. Lieutenant Beslow and the officers present discussed the homicide that occurred on Jan. 11, saying that they have good leads as to the perpetrator. The police have dedicated additional resources to combating increased reports of gunfire in the area, including a light tower and extra patrols.

Elinor Bacon and Robert Rubenkonig provided the quarterly update on the Wharf project. Construction of the new fish market entrance is progressing, and the new traffic signals on Maine Avenue are expected to be operating normally by mid-February. The Capital Yacht Club has moved into the Channel Inn building, and development and design work is beginning for the Parcel 1 office and Pier 4. The project has abandoned the majority of its co-generation power plant, which was designed to provide self-sustaining energy to much of the project’s infrastructure. Certain parts of the Wharf will be powered by the new co-generation power plant, but it is no longer campus-wide.

The Commission expressed concern regarding a number of matters, including the Pepco-Exelon merger, moving for increased transparency. The Commission also noted its displeasure over the lack of markings of the roadway leading into SkyHouse apartments, believing it to be a danger to pedestrians. At the end of the meeting an election was held for the new ANC representatives. The following candidates were elected via a “slate” vote: Chair: Roger Moffat; Vice-Chair: Andy Litsky; Treasurer: Meredith Fascett; and Secretary: Stacy Cloyd. The only change in leadership was Treasurer. The next ANC 6D meeting will be on Monday, Feb. 9 at the same time and location.

By: Dave Balajthy

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