Photos courtesy of Maria Angala.

The Wharf is being constructed so it can be a better place for the environment and for citizens in the community. The number one important thing that the Wharf is building are the hotels and the apartments because now there will be more people around and more people to visit the country. On the day that I met three of the workers, they said there will be two hotels; several restaurants, office buildings, and parks; and so much more cool and calm places to have fun. Since there are two schools neighboring the Wharf, there will be a lot of activity going on. My most favorite part of the new and improved Wharf is the dock, where you can sit over the water and have it surround you. I like this part because there is this parade, called the Light Show, that has boats with lights on them that will be passing through the Wharf. Once the new Wharf is built, I cannot wait to be there with my friends after school to do homework then have so much fun with each other.

By: Sidney Higginbotham

Jefferson Middle School sixth grade student

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