The ANC 6D held its monthly meeting on Monday, July 13 at 7​ ​p.m. at 1100 4th St. SW. ​(There will be no meeting in August, with the next gathering scheduled for Monday, September 21​ at the same location​.​) An announcement was made that there have been discussions with the District of Columbia Housing Authority regarding the possible redevelopment of the Greenleaf ​public housing. Discussions are ongoing with no decision yet made.

A representative from DDOT provided an update on the status of Circulator service in SW. The ANC expressed its displeasure to DDOT due to the lack of progress in increasing Circulator service in the area.​ DDOT was indefinite about when service will begin in the extension of the Union Station-Navy Yard route from Southeast to Southwest along M Street. Even though the extension is in the budget, there appears to be a shortage of buses due to maintenance problems with the aging existing fleet and the number of buses needed to support the new route along the National Mall. ​Financial information was distributed indicating that the subsidy per rider for the Union Station to Navy Yard Circulator route has been averaging more than $5 per passenger.

Ms. Elinor Bacon, Hoffman-Madison partner, provided an update on The Wharf project, stating that p​ile-driving​ work now is 50% complete, (2,928 out of 5,930) and will be finished in October.

Waterfront Park is expected to be completed by late fall 2016.

The Wharf is working with the Department of Employment Services and DC training/service providers to identify qualified DC resident candidates for job opportunities at The Wharf. Paul Taylor from the King-Greenleaf Recreation Center, is doing an excellent job in referring qualified SW job seekers to The Wharf Opportunities Trailer. The Wharf Opportunities T​railer is located at 7th and Water Streets, SW and is open 8 to 10 a.m.​ every Wednesday. SW residents seeking construction job opportunities are encouraged to visit the trailer. To date, 41% of new hires have been DC residents, and this percentage is anticipated to increase now that the excavation/underground utility work phase is nearing completion, and construction will go vertical with more opportunities for workers with generalized construction skills. As of the end of the first quarter of 2015, The Wharf has achieved 40% participation of DC Certified Business Enterprises (CBE).

Commissioner ​Rachel Reilly-Carroll gave a presentation on the planned redevelopment of Capitol Park Tower. Several members of the community, including Mike Williams, president of the Capitol Park Tower Tenant Association, voiced their displeasure with the redevelopment plan. However, the commission ultimately ​voted to support ​​the design by passing a Motion to Support with Reservations, which noted its disagreement with the method used to ​specify the building’s height.

By: Dave Balajthy

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