By now, most in the community are aware that Randall Recreation Center has been transformed from a somewhat neglected Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) site to a vibrant community sports center.

Besides the pumped up sports offerings, Randall’s grounds now include a new playground with new equipment and soft surface and a plaza with tables and benches, including two tables for checkers.

This fall, the old center will undergo a transformation. The DC Council Committee on Transportation and Environment has added $250,000 to the 2017 city budget for a contract to manage Randall and provide activities and personal enrichment programs throughout the year. The community is particularly grateful to Councilmember Charles Allen and his team, including Naomi Mitchell and legislative director Ann Phelps, who made this happen.

Randall Community Center (not the fields, courts and pool, but the building and programs provided in the center) is being managed by Sasha Bruce Youthworks until September of this year, when Sasha Bruce’s one-time funding expires. DPR has said that there will be no break between activities when Sasha Bruce’s funding expires and the new city funding is in place.

The 2017 funding doubles the amount that has been available to Sasha Bruce to spend at Randall in the last three years and, with strong community involvement, should result in more and stronger programs at Randall.

As a first step in the process, DPR will prepare a community plan for Randall. Of course the plan will include community input, and that’s where you come in!

Help Shape Future Randall Activities and Events

Friends of Randall is surveying the Southwest and near-Southeast communities to document the types of programs and enrichment activities residents would like to take part in at Randall. Because of the speed with which events will move between the budget approval and September, we need for you to make your wishes known now.

What activities and programs would you like to participate in at Randall Center and on the Randall Plaza? Want programs targeting specific age groups? Or art, music, dance classes, and events? Are there particular activities you would help get off the ground? Have your say by filling out the survey. Community survey results will be reported to DPR.

Ways to Take the Survey

  1. You may fill the survey out online at

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