Saadia Athias, a long-time resident of Southwest, recently moved—but not too far— to Southeast Navy Yard. Saadia has a long history within the Southwest community.

Saadia has remained actively engaged as the elected second district representative for SWNA since 2009. She is dedicated to the mission of the nonprofit organization, which is “to help create rich and equal social, educational, and economic opportunities for residents of Southwest.” She is a resilient support teacher at local elementary schools for DC Public Schools, and is semi-retired as a federal emergency response official.

Saadia implements year-round programs for arts and crafts at local recreation centers and after school programs. Other areas of support include her role as a Citizens Advisory Council representative, alongside the Metropolitan Police Department, and co-organizer of Southwest Safety Walkers in 2009. Saadia also serves as outreach coordinator for Southwest Emergency Preparedness Task Force, vice president for the Southwest Arts Fest (2012 and 2013), and local photographer for The Southwester. Other accomplishments include launching the re-birth of Lansburgh Park (2009) and the revitalization of the Randall Recreation Center (2009).

Although her move takes her away from the SWNA board, she plans to stay actively involved as a volunteer. So … we don’t have to say farewell. We just have to say THANK YOU Saadia, and we look forward to working with you to further the SWNA mission to improve the quality of life for all residents in Southwest.


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