There’s a new principal at Jefferson Academy (JA)! On June 26, Mr. Dohmann officially started as principal. He has worked at JA for four years but was not always the principal. First he was a math teacher for the 7th grade, then served as assistant principal for two years. Mr. Dohmann was overjoyed when he was announced as the new principal. “I was very excited when I became principal because I love JA and I believe we are the best school in DC,” he said.

Mr. Dohmann has never been the principal before at any school. Before he came to JA, he was a 6th and 7th grade math teacher at Friendship Tech Prep. Mr. Dohmann is originally from Centreville, Virginia, where his parents still live today. He currently lives in Southwest, just down the street from JA.

Mr. Dohmann states that he wanted to become principal because, “Ms.Gordon was an amazing principal and taught me a lot about being a leader. When I heard she was leaving, I knew I was ready to take on this job and continue the great work she started at JA.” He was also proud of himself because none of his family had ever worked in the school business before.Principal

Mr. Dohmann has two big goals for JA. The first is that “We want to be the highest achieving middle school for all students.” The second goal is that “We want all members of the JA community to love school.” Anyone who meets Mr. Dohmann would say he is a very friendly principal.

Mr. Dohmann’s inspiration for his work is his parents: “My parents inspire me to work really hard and do amazing things. They are my role models in life and in my career.”

(Photo caption: Najae Potts with Principal Dohmann.)

To anyone who might want to be a principal, Mr. Dohmann has some words of wisdom: “Being a principal is a very busy and difficult job but it is also extremely fulfilling.”

During Mr. Dohmann’s free time, he likes to “run, play basketball, watch TV, and hang out with awesome students like Najae Potts.” Mr. Dohmann is a good principal because he works hard to take care of the students. Last year, he would ride the bus with the students to make sure they got to the train station safely. He also likes to help out students when they are in class and they are doing what they are supposed to do, but they may need some help. He also is a good friend to all and likes to keep things organized and neat.

By: Najae Potts

7th grade, Jefferson Academy

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