The maxim is “Little flower farms do not last forever,” right? Or maybe, nothing (meri)gold can stay. “I’m grateful to Capital City Real Estate for the opportunity to build DC’s first urban flower farm on their land,” said the Little Flower Farm’s Founder Steph Clark, and what a success it has been. A land that sat undisturbed from nothing more than a few dry docked boats for years turned a muted peninsula into a vibrant, yet quiet, corner.
The owners of the land hope to keep that same spirit with their coming project, Peninsula 88. With hopes to deliver the project in 2018, Capital City Real Estate’s Director of Acquisitions & Development Jerry Zayets said, the condominium building “will be a quiet oasis that’s close to the hustle and bustle of the city, but it is removed at the same time. You can have the urban lifestyle but have a quiet escape, too.” Zayets hopes the “spa-like oasis” will reconnect District residents with the water again. From a green roof to storage space for residents’ kayaks and standup paddleboards, Peninsula 88 should be far enough from the DC United stadium to minimize the sound but also farther than the 75 feet from the bulkhead so as to allow for underground parking for residents. Only time will tell. Until then it is best to stop and smell the flowers.
peninsula-88 More information can be found at

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