The December PSA 105 meeting took place on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016. Lt. Williams was unable to cover the meeting. Officer Charles (CJ) Smith represented the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) at the meeting. Seventeen community members were in attendance.

Update on Neighborhood Criminal Activity

Officer Smith informed the group that arrests had been made in the holiday package theft ring active in the Navy Yard area. He assured the group that the crime rate was lower but reminded attendees that the crimes occurring are crimes of opportunity. He urged the group not to walk alone at night or look down while using their cell phones as it presents such an opportunity.

Officer Smith then proceeded to have an open discussion with the group where he asked whether anyone had questions or concerns. The 300 block of O Street, the gate at River Park, loitering behind Edgewater Condominium in the evening, and cell phone thefts were issues presented to Officer Smith. His knowledge of 105 impressed many in the group.

Crime Statistics

The following crime statistics were pulled from for the time parameter Nov. 16 to Dec. 14.

First District Summary

The First District saw a small decrease in violent crime (56 last month, 55 in this 30-day period) over the last 30 days. Theft from auto crimes decreased slightly but remains an issue. Burglaries decreased from 19 to 18 this month.

PSA 105

Assault with Dangerous Weapon


2 cases with a gun

4 cases with another type of weapon




3 Robberies without a gun

0 robberies with a gun

Theft from Auto 42 thefts recorded in last 30-day period but 18 in this period
Burglaries 5 reported cases

Safety Tips

Lt. Williams cautioned attendees at the November meeting but a reminder is warranted:

  • Put away phones when you walk even during the day and when walking a dog. This is a crime of opportunity and can even occur on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you are using Uber, stay inside of a building in a well-lit area until your transportation arrives. People are being mugged while waiting for an Uber.
  • If you feel uneasy walking home at night call Uber or call for a police car. Criminals have no sense of death and view mortality like a video game.
  • To deter theft from your automobile, remove valuables from sight through the windows, make sure the windows are up, and lock your car. Report break-ins to MPD immediately. Also, if you have a security camera on your home, let police know you might have footage of a crime that has happened. This often helps them identify suspects to obtain arrest warrants.

The February PSA meeting will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. at Town Square Towers, 700 7th St. SW. There is guest parking in the alley behind the building.

By: Georgine Wallace

PSA 105 Community Facilitator

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