The Department of the Army has submitted a concept design for the proposed modifications to Building 58, located at Fort McNair. Building 58, located in the northwest corner of the installation, currently accommodates medical clinic functions. It was built in 1884 in the Second Empire architectural style. It occupies a footprint of approximately 9,054 square feet, and consists of a three-story structure with a rectangular footprint, with contiguous basement and brick load-bearing walls on partially visible stone foundations. The third floor is a slate clad mansard facade with dormers and sloping slate roof. Fenestration is a rectangular double-hung sash configuration, within rectangular punched openings in the masonry portion of the wall and within the wood-clad, wood-framed dormers at the third-floor mansard. The building abuts a basement and first-floor hyphen (connector) that extends to the adjacent Building 54, a structure of similar construction and configuration that was built at the same time. The existing Building 58 occupies a footprint of approximately area. The building qualifies for historic registration and has been fully operational since its construction.

The proposal includes construction of a new elevator/stair tower addition to Building 58. The goal of the project is to meet current building codes related to egress. The original building is located above street level and does not currently provide code-compliant ADA access for patients, staff, or visitors. The basement in the facility includes the mechanical room, exercise room, and supply/storage rooms. The first floor of the facility houses the lab, waiting/reception, treatment room, office with exam room, and a screening room with audio booth. Existing functional program spaces on the second floor are mostly made up of offices, toilet, supply, and communications rooms. Existing functional program spaces on the third floor provide space for a conference room, toilet, showers, and large classroom. There is no internal access to upper floors for those that are incapable of walking up stairs.

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