There is only one constant when LCD Soundsystem takes the stage: dancing. That held true Tuesday, Oct. 17 as the eight-person band brought their mix of electronic, rock, and up-tempo melodic beats to The Anthem at The Wharf.

“We are very happy to be here. We’re psychologically adjusting to this size [venue],” said frontman James Murphy. The new 6,000-person venue along the Washington Channel has continued its week of amazing opening acts, bringing in LCD Soundsystem for their first show stateside after touring in Europe coming off their first album release in seven years.

With ample room to move, The Anthem turned into the largest Tuesday night dance party in the District thanks to the sold out show. The higher paying fans in the “Super Awesome Seats” chose to forgo their upgrade as seat cushions went untouched all night.

“Welcome to the new place,” said Murphy, highlighting how cool Seth Horowitz’s newest venture is, echoing Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s opening night claim that “DC now has the most badass venue in America.” (Grohl was also in attendance for the show.)

Playing songs ranging from their new album to LCD classics, the band delivered a 16-song set list that rarely let fans catch their breath—no one seemed disappointed. That left little time for snapping videos or pictures—a nice change of pace from recent years—as fans chose to enjoy the moment instead of going for “likes” online.

They were rewarded not just by the band, but also by the lighting engineer, who put on quite a spectacle. With every thump and chord, she deftly made every song that much better. It was a perfectly timed and visually stunning concert all around.

The first song got fans dancing, and was followed up by a song that was being played by the band for the first time in front of a crowd. Those catchy beats and hooks carried though to the end. The band closed out the night with “Dance Yrself Clean” into “All My Friends,” which left fans soaked in their seats and grinning from ear to ear.

If you missed Tuesday’s show, you have a chance to make up for it as LCD Soundsystem will play a second show tonight. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., show at 8 p.m.

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