Peter Fields playing for the opening reception for the IGDC photography exhibit at Blind Whino.

Musician Peter Fields has joined Blind Whino as its artist in residence. The multitalented guitarist has more than 40 years of experience performing and teaching music professionally. Fields has played just about everything, from rock and roll to country to classical to jazz to Latin and world music, the latter three being his main focus recently.

The pairing came to fruition like most things at Blind Whino—through action and innovation.

“Where other nonprofits might have large boards that go through layers of bureaucracy, Blind Whino is driven more by the direct action model,” Fields says. Fields’s previous studio near DuPont Circle (18th and S Streets NW) was closed down after the building caught fire. When one of his students, PN Hoffman CFO Tom Eichler, introduced Fields to Steve Tanner and Ian Callender of Blind Whino, they knew they were onto something.

“Steve and Ian are big on action,” says Fields, after the team offered him a space in the top floor of the 131-year-old church.

Fields has a long history with more than 1,000 performances and tours across the United States as well as Europe. He was nominated for Best Jazz Instrumentalist by the Washington Area Music Association, and has composed scores for film and received commissions from choreographers to create original music for the ballet and modern dance. Throughout the last decade Fields has become increasingly concerned with, and active in creating, sustainable communities. He held elected office as well as serving on the Board of Directors of Virginians for the Arts.

Starting Wednesday, Dec. 13, Fields will host an open mic night at Blind Whino beginning at 7:30 p.m. The event is free and open to all; music, poetry, spoken word, everyone come showcase your talent. The recurring event will take place on the second Wednesday of each month, immediately following Free DC Yoga in the downstairs music area.

Fields is currently accepting guitar students. Read more at To learn more about Blind Whino SW Arts Club, visit or visit in person at 700 Delaware Ave SW.

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