Anyone can do it! DC Row is designed to bring the benefits of rowing to people of all ages no matter the weather or time of year. The biggest myth about rowing is that it is an upper body workout. Actually, it’s a full body workout that works nine major muscle groups simultaneously. What makes this exercise so unique is that it is an anaerobic and aerobic exercise while being easy on your joints.

But DC Row is more than just a new business in Southwest; its goal is to be active in the community it serves. DC Row plans to engage the youth as well as the elderly members of the community. If you’re still not sure what DC Row is, it’s a boutique indoor rowing fitness studio located at the newly revitalized Wharf. To sign up for classes it’s best to download the DC Row app. You can also sign up on the website ( as well as through the popular app ClassPass.

The studio has a variety of classes to fit everyone’s needs. DC Row has eight classes Monday through Friday and six classes during the weekend. If you are looking for a private class, DC Row has you covered. The studio offers one-on-one, couples, as well as private group classes for up to 20 people. To stay up to date, follow DC Row on social media @dcrowing1. DC Row can be found at 790 Maine Ave. SW or by phone at (202-683-4055).

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