By David Magida, Founder

To Southwest Community,

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s already been a year since we officially opened our doors for business at the 301 M Building. In that time, it’s been a pleasure immersing ourselves in the Southwest community while watching the neighborhood grow and evolve.

After only a year, we’ve managed to touch hundreds of lives by changing people’s bodies, strengthening their minds and boosting their confidence. Those changes are what makes this lifestyle, and job, so meaningful to me and our team. To see so many of our Southwest neighbors enthusiastically engage in our program, our philosophy and our fitness community has truly been something special!

Maybe you’ve seen us working out in the field beside the Waterfront Metro stop, or you’ve walked past the huge sign on the side of the 301 M building. Or, maybe you’ve even given our program a try. Regardless, I encourage you to come join us for a free introductory workout, or a month trial of classes to experience what Elevate can do for you. My hope is to meet and engage with more community members and impart some of my love of fitness on you.  

This year saw the launch of not just this location but our BREAK|THROUGH program, a regimen of advanced “Strength” and “Endurance” classes designed for athletes to hyper-focus on one particular element of their fitness and take their progress to new heights. If you’ve spoken to anyone who has taken these classes, they will tell you they are life changing! 

We also brought 130 athletes to the Spartan Race at Nationals Park, claiming the title of biggest team along the way. 

We hosted countless private workouts for different buildings, organizations and businesses in the neighborhood, and plan to host many more. Talk to your HR directors, building managers or our team and we’ll set up a fun event! 

As we look forward to the coming year, we have many new developments on the horizon! We’ll be launching the Elevate App shortly, for a more immersive fitness experience, as well as the launch of a digital program. This will include expanded mobility and recovery offerings. We’ll also be adding to our equipment offerings to diversify our program even more. 

And of course, we’ll be expanding our event calendar to provide our members with even more opportunities to test their bodies, minds and fitness. I wholeheartedly believe that entering a challenging event, beyond just “losing a few pounds,” is the best way to ignite or expand the fire that fuels your training. Real goals lead to real results. 

As we move forward with the rest of this year, I’d love the opportunity to meet you. To help make you stronger, faster, mentally tougher or more self-confident. To share my personal passion for fitness, our training philosophy and the Elevate mentality with you. And maybe even change the way you look at fitness. All it takes is for you to try a free class. Stop by the studio and we’ll set you up. 

We’re here, and we’re waiting for the opportunity to change your life. Take the first step and we’ll take the next one with you. 

Thanks for a great first year. Here’s to many more!

For more information, call (202) 599-9099 or email:

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