By Amora Campbell, Richard Wright PCS 

“Thank you so much! It’s not every day that we get thanked for all that we do here,” said Angela  White, a faculty member of the Southwest Unity Health Care site. Healthcare workers from Minnesota Avenue and Southwest took a short break from their busy schedules to greet the Richard Wright Public Charter School Interact Club Officers and receive a ‘Thank You’ banner with the words: Not All Heroes Wear Capes.

This summer, in an effort to spread community awareness and service, Rotary Interact Clubs from Haas Hall Academy Bentonville in Arkansas and Richard Wright Public Charter Schools in  Washington, D.C., joined forces to do a community service project. Each club was full of eager  teenagers hoping to make a positive difference in someone’s life during quarantine. After many  icebreakers, discussions about the differences in our communities, discovering each other’s  talents, and a few power points later – the decision was made. Both Interact clubs decided to make a ‘Thank You’ banner for local healthcare workers to show their support for the overwhelming and heroic efforts they’ve made to protect everyone during the pandemic. 

Interact club presidents Amora Campbell and Sebastian Barajas paired up to run the meetings, while members from each club participated in decision-making and presenting the banners to healthcare workers. The banner was designed by a student named Katelyn Bennet from Haas Hall Academy and sponsored by the two Rotary Interact Clubs. 

Richard Wright Interact Members presented their banners to Unity Health Care Centers  because of Unity’s commitment and dedication to providing excellent care in underserved neighborhoods for 35 years. Their work has never been more consequential than now with the  ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Haas Hall Interact Members in Arkansas thanked their local hospitals for being an amazing resource and staple in their community. 

All the workers were thrilled to get a surprise ‘Thank You’ from the people they have promised to protect. During this experience, students and healthcare workers became allies who can and will continue to encourage each other through the toughest of times.

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