By Donna Purchase

Mirna Monterroso Deleon; Courtesy of SWBID

Southwest D.C. is “the place to be.” We continue to spotlight the dedicated staff of the SWBID who are focused on making Southwest a clean, safe, vibrant community to live, work, and visit.

Mirna Monterroso Deleon came to SWBID this past September. Born in Guatemala, she loves living here in Washington, D.C. She loves the city, the people, and working for the BID, which gives her the opportunity to interact with her colleagues, residents, and neighborhood visitors.  Mirna says she is often stopped by people who need directions or have questions about the neighborhood. During our conversation, I could hear joy in her voice when talking about her job. Because of the Coronavirus, Mirna was out of work for almost 8 months. Being hired by the BID changed her life!

Mirna is currently engaged but put off the wedding until next year because of the pandemic. That just gives her more time to plan the perfect wedding! The mother of a three-year-old, she is looking forward to her new family.

SWBID COO Andre Witt says: Mirna has been an absolute delight to work with. She brings high enthusiasm to work each day and is well liked by the entire team!


Music: Christian music

Sport: Loves Soccer

Sports team: Barcelona 

Proudest moment: When she was hired by the bid. 

Advice: Stay strong – stay safe, especially in these times. Take care of your family.

So, when you’re out and about – be sure to say hello to Mirna.

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