By Southwester Staff

On March 8, the Wharf and the Southwest Business Improvement District (SWBID) unveiled plans for a new crochet art installation celebrating Vice President Kamala Harris. I’m Speaking, which was announced to coincide with International Women’s Day, is the work of LA-based artist Londone Kaye. 

Kaye’s work has been seen in Times Square and on Kelly Clarkson’s television show studio. The Kamala Harris installation, however, is Kaye’s “largest installation to date, spanning 40-feet in width and 20-feet in height,” according to The Wharf’s press release.

More than 150 women took part in the initiative, which was organized by Love Across the USA, by crocheting a square for I’m Speaking. Love Across the USA is a community art initiative that celebrates women’s voices.

“Creating a tribute to Kamala Harris for International Women’s Day was a no-brainer – there is no more powerful female role model in the world,” said Kaye. She says the response from women was so massive that they “could have easily covered a football field,” adding the “spirit of unity is stitched into every square.”

I’m Speaking is on display on the exterior of the Officina restaurant on Maine Avenue. It will be visible from various angles, including from Banneker Park. It will be on display from March 7 through Memorial Day Weekend, after which it will be taken to its permanent home.

“The SWBID is honored to partner with The Wharf and London Kaye to celebrate International Women’s Day and all this day represents to our communities,” said SWBID’s Deputy Executive Director, Lexie Albe. Officina owner Nick Stefanelli said, “We love that we get to join in with other partners to celebrate International Women’s Day in this unique and very DC way.”

The restaurant will feature a series of menu specials while I’m Speaking is on display. Proceeds from the special items will benefit the National Center for Children and Families, a local nonprofit that serves “poor, disadvantaged, abused, neglected and/or abandoned children, youth, and their families,” The Wharf’s press release said. 

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