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Bianca Kersellius; Courtesy of Author

On March 31, a local 26-year-old author, Bianca Kersellius, released her first book, a memoir entitled InDEBTed: Stories of Surviving Debt, Inequity and Obtaining Freedom.

InDEBTed takes readers on a vivid journey unpacking the rigorous reality of Bianca’s life as a young Black woman in America, with student loan debt. In this selection, Bianca holds nothing back; she speaks her truth and covers perspectives and opinions that may not be popular, but are necessary.

Readers will receive tools and viewpoints needed to tap into the effects of student loan debt in the black community and to promote self-awareness around effectively and efficiently navigating finances.

Kersellius writes for millennials to connect with their realities concerning systemic oppression, mental health, and the financial disparities that exist within America—which she elaborates in detail throughout her memoir as she discusses her bouts with depression, loss, and her experience of adulting with student debt. 

From Southwest, Bianca discovered writing as a preteen, which came in handy because she often journaled throughout her adolescence and it later became a hobby as she began creative writing well into her adulthood. 

Kersellius is a 2016 graduate of Penn State University. She currently resides in Washington DC, where she also operates her event service business, Kersellius Kreations LLC. InDEBTed is her first full length book project and it is being released under her own imprint, Bianca Kersellius.

On March 31, InDEBTed was released online through Amazon KDP, Barnes & Noble and Google Play. More information can be found at

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