Neighbors gathered at the Duck Pond for annual Sunday Suppers and generated unique community poems.  
Courtesy of SWBID

By Southwest BID Staff

On Sundays in August, the SWBID invited neighbors to join us at the Southwest Duck Pond for our annual Sunday Suppers event. This summer, attendees worked together to co-create a poem at each supper. Curator Beth Ferraro of The Art Island asked each table of guests to write one line that was inspired by either their experience at the event, the neighborhood, or what community means to them. The results are poems about community by the community. We invite you to view the poems in person at the Southwest Duck Pond on boards designed and painted by My Ly Designs. These poems will be on display through the end of October.

Sunday Suppers is a free program all about getting to know your neighbors and enjoying a meal together. They have been a favorite annual tradition hosted by the SWBID since 2017. To view photos of the programs, visit See you there next summer!

Sunday Supper Community Poems 

August 8, 2021

A safe space for openness and access at your pace

With ducks on a low-carb diet

Everything is convenient

Neighbors are wonderful

A home for people from all over and close to the center of power

People from a lot of places in conversation with polite exchanges

We are well cared for by the BID

August 15, 2021

Green open space

Trees sway in the breeze

Ducks on the pond

Ripples in the river

Sun in my face

I’m in the right place

Great neighbors at our table

SWDC is the best place to be

When you help a stranger you may be helping an angel

Where friends and neighbors meet to relax it’s a good place & space

August 22, 2021

I am here – right time, right place, otherwise I would not have seen your beautiful face

Whether at the Duck Pond or Lansburgh Park, Southwest neighbors have made their mark

The Southwest Garden has figs – tasty and sticky!

Writing poems with neighbors is fun but tricky

They say Southwest is the hidden gem of DC, but it’s really the hidden gem of the whole DMV

Let’s not forget this particular tradition of Family Day when neighbors gather from their kitchens

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