Orchids of all kinds are on view through April 30 at the U.S. Botanic Garden. 
Courtesy of Devin Dotson (USBG)

By Southwester Staff

Orchids, in all their vibrant colors, varied shapes, sizes and scents are the theme of the exhibit Discover the World of Orchids now through April 30, 2023 at the United States Botanic Garden.  

Hundreds of  orchids are displayed, some  at ground level and some suspended in the air. There are two nine foot high tree sculptures covered with hundreds of epiphytic orchids. Unlike works in museum exhibits, the orchids in this exhibit are alive and changing. In March, an eight foot high curtain of orchids is expected to be in full bloom. 

A special display will showcase pollination and pollinators.  Informational signs throughout will present what we know about  the  technology behind the conservation and cultivation of  these beautiful and complex flowering plants.

For more information on educational opportunities including online programs about orchid care and cultivation, lectures on orchid conservation, and  in-person experts answering visitors’ orchid questions, visit www.USBG.gov

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