The Southwest Spoon: Ode to Masala Art

When owner Atul Bhola opened Masala Art on 4th St., SW in July 2014, my wife and I simply could not stay away. We relished in the complexity of the Murg Makhani, with its thick, tomato-based curry that could turn the plainest of chicken into a delicacy, and the Saag Paneer with melt-in-your-mouth cheese and […]

Life on the Water, and on the Move

Southwest’s Gangplank Marina recently moved downstream slightly and changed considerably, as its infrastructure was upgraded as part of the development of the Wharf. As residents of Gangplank, my family and I moved the boat we live on to its new slip. The night before we did, I reflected on the happy and eventful years we spent in the marina’s previous incarnation: Tomorrow we leave these rickety wooden […]

Changes of Latitude at Wharf Gangplank Marina

Imagine moving 76 homes to a newly created neighborhood where everyone has new neighbors, new front yards and new infrastructure. That’s exactly what happened at Wharf Gangplank Marina from Feb. 3-6, when new docks were opened for the Gangplank community that lives on their vessels. Over three full days the floating homes were motored and […]

Career Mentoring Program Launches in SW

D.C. Mentoring and Achievement Program (D.C. MAAP), a new workforce development program in Southwest D.C., opened its doors Saturday, Feb. 16. This new initiative will assist D.C. residents looking for entry-level jobs, particularly in the hospitality, entertainment and service sectors. The economic, racial and physical landscape of Southwest is changing rapidly. By working with local […]