February Real Estate Report

These numbers are very telling. The average sold price is up over 11%. Southwest continues to keep pace with some of the top selling markets in DC! Feb-15 Feb-14 %Change Sold Dollar Volume 3,509,000 $4,861,350 -27.82% Avg Sold Price $319,000 $285,962 11.55% Median Sold Price $310,000 $266,500 16.32% Units Sold                 11                 17 -35.29% Avg Days […]

December Real Estate Report

If you have been following our monthly updates you will quickly realize that SW has been and continues to be on an upward climb. I believe the numbers this month tell the story. Dec-14 Dec-13 %Change Sold Dollar Volume $7,694,876 $6,355,000 21.08% Avg Sold Price $334,560 $334,474 0.03% Median Sold Price $282,000 $282,000 0.00% Units […]

August Real Estate Report

  If you want to know how strong a local market is, just take a look at the days on market. I expect the third and fourth quarters to be just as strong as the first half of the year. Aug-14 Aug-13 % Change Sold Dollar Volume $6,251,550 $9,177,300 -31.88% Avg Sold Price $329,029 $327,761 0.39% Median Sold […]