Capitol Park Tower Designated as Historic Landmark

On July 10th, the DC Historic Preservation Review Board voted to designate Capitol Park Tower (301 G Street SW) as an historic landmark. The application was submitted by the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) on behalf of the tenants of Capitol Park Tower, and prepared by SWNA History Task Force volunteers […]

Tiber Island resident’s pictures from Palestine

For those who have never been to the land of Palestine, whose name alone is heavily politicized, this is but a glimpse of my two-week tour this past July with Interfaith Peacebuilders (, a nonprofit organization based in D.C. that sends multiple delegations each year to learn about the Palestinian-Israeli […]

SW Environmental Justice Project Moves Apace

The SW Environmental Justice group continues to research, monitor, report and campaign for improvements within our neighborhood. I was asked to report on some recent developments. One goal of environmental justice campaigns is to move toward zero waste management systems. This is undoubtedly a long-term goal, but many properties are […]

What do historic designations mean for Southwest?

What does preservation mean in Washington?  The city’s appointed Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) decides which sites (usually buildings, but also gardens, parks, radio towers and other strange things) qualify for “landmarking” (protection).  If the Board approves a nominated site, any alterations to the place that require a building permit […]

Tiber Island Declared Historic Landmark

The D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board voted on May 24 to approve Tiber Island’s application for historic designation. As a historic landmark, Tiber Island is now included in the District of Columbia Inventory of Historic Sites.  The Board further recommended that Tiber Island’s nomination be forwarded to the National Register […]