By Meg Brinckman

More than 50 parents attended the Amidon-Bowen Elelmentary School Parent-Teacher Association’s third meeting of the 2011-2012 school year on Sept. 20. The meeting began with a promise that all parents and guardians of current Amidon-
Bowen students are automatically members of the association and are encouraged to participate in activities. Teachers and community members are included in the “big tent” of willing individuals that will make Amidon-Bowen the school the
community deserves. Marty Wells, who called the meeting, said the election for officers will be held at a later date when the organization has had time to solidify.

Principal Izabela Miller welcomed the group and gave an overview of the meaning of Title I status for Amidon-Bowen. Title I makes funds available to the school to increase learning time and help provide resources for improving performance.

A “School Improvement Team” is being formed to work with the staff members on a plan to use these funds. Miller said parents need to be involved with this team because it will have a direct effect on how the funds are spent this year.
Plans for the Fall Fun and Fitness Day, scheduled for Oct. 29 from 9 a.m. to noon, were announced. The Waterside Swim and Fitness Center will direct a fitness session specifically for children at 9 a.m. that day. Younger children will
have an opportunity to participate in academic games, a talent show and a Halloween Costume Parade.

Thelma Jones, Breast Care Community Navigator and long-time advocate for youth in the community, provided information about the availability of support programs for women and men.

The meeting concluded with a “Property Walk” to give parents ideas for projects that they can become involved in to improve the appearance of the school which should positively influence how children and the community feel about it.

The “Meals for Minds” food distribution for qualifying families followed the business meeting. This program, jointly sponsored by Target and Martha’s Table, will continue on a monthly basis through out the school year. The work of the PTA is not all meetings. A “Stick Drag” was scheduled for Saturday, September 24th. The weather cooperated and a group of parents spent several hours dragging sticks and branches to the curb that had previously been cleared from the edges of the playground. This simple activity is an example of how the community and parents alike can make a contribution. Many said the event was fun.

For information about becoming involved with Amidon-Bowen’s “School Improvement Team” or other opportunities for involvement contact Principal Miller at t 202-724-4867 or by email at

For more information about breast-cancer support

Volunteers set up Amidon-Bowen auditorium for “Meals for Minds,” a food distribution program for qualifying families sponsored by Target and Martha’s Table. Photo by Meg Brinckman
contact Jones at 202-251-1639.

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