By John McGrath

– Participants: Commander David Hickson, First Police District (ID); Lt. Nicholas Gallucci, Sgt. Michael Architzel, MPO
Maurice Thompson and other officers of PSA 104; Officer K.D. King and other Public Housing Police; and 40 Greenleaf Seniors residents and other citizens.

– Commander Hickson introduced himself to the community by saying that he started his career in ID and PSA 104 (formerly Beat 28). Hickson noted that all officers have been working 12 hour shifts in response to a national terror alert.

– Gallucci reviewed the crime statistics for August 2011 compared to July 2011 which indicated high closure rates for cases of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and burglary. Overall, PSA 104 shows a significant crime reduction rate compared to all other PSAs in ID. Year-to-date crime statistics (Jan. 1, 2010 to Aug. 31, 2010 versus Jan. 1, 2011 to Aug. 31, 2011) show Part II assault (a misdemeanor) is down 50 percent (10 vs. 20), robbery is down 6.1 percent (46
vs. 49), Assault with a deadly weapon is up 12 percent (37 vs. 33), burglary is up 17.9 percent (33 vs. 28), theft is up 37.1 percent (170 vs. 124), theft from auto is down 57.9 percent (48 vs. 114), but stolen auto is up 27.3 percent (56 vs. 44). Gallucci noted that PSA 104 is making progress in reducing bicycle thefts. He also noted that incidents
of stolen automobiles are not concentrated in any one location in PSA 104.

– Residents of Greenleaf Seniors Building expressed concerns about lax building security, specifically in regards to alleged illegal activity in high rise hallways and grounds and inadequate lighting on the grounds. These same two concerns were expressed at PSA 104 meetings in 2009 and 2010. The police stated that they are not responsible for patrolling any individual building, however, Hickson offered ID assistance to broker a meeting between Greenleaf Seniors resident leadership and public housing management to seek solutions to these ongoing problems. Officer K.D.King, Public Housing Police (PHP) reminded residents to call 911 for illegal activity (you can remain anonymous
if you wish) or you can contact PHP on a non-emergency basis at 202-535-2575.

– Hickson noted there will be minimal changes to the boundaries of PSA 104 (part of a pending realignment of the DC police districts and PSAs citywide to equalize police workload). Also, PSA 104 will likely be renumbered as PSA 105 in 2012.

n A resident of River Park Coop who is also employed at 700 Seventh St., SW (Town Square Towers Condo) complimented
Gallucci on the response time to 911 calls based on her personal observation. The next meeting will be held Thursday, Oct. 20, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Potomac Place Condo, 800 Fourth St., SW.

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