By Coralie Farlee

Several spaces are still available in the 2012 Southwest Foreign Policy discussion group. For almost 10 years, the Southwest Foreign Policy discussion group has met to discuss topics developed by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) under the “Great Decisions” title. The selected topics educate the group on the relationships between the United States to the world.

Discussions are lively, friendly, nonpartisan, stimulating and genuinely fun. No member of the “Great Decisions” group is an expert, but all read the material in advance and are openminded and enthusiastic. The material typically consists of ten pages of reading with several references which may also be presented and discussed. The group may also invite a knowledgeable resource person. At the conclusion of each session, the group responds to questions prepared by the FPA. Answers are reviewed and tabulated by the FPA which sends results to foreign policy administrators and retains the results for next year’s discussion groups. For more than sixty years, the FPA has engaged in thoughtful
discussion of foreign policy issues and educated people in the United States and abroad about the shape of foreign policy discussion.

The Southwest D.C. FPA group will meet at a private home in River Park Mutual Homes, Inc. near Fourth and O streets on Wednesdays from January to June and will cover the eight topics developed by the FPA. Topics and dates for 2012 include the following: Middle East realignment on Jan 25; Promoting democracy on Feb 15; Mexico on Mar. 7; Cybersecurity on Mar. 28; Exit from Afghanistan and Iraq on Apr. 18; State of the oceans on May 9; Indonesia on
May 30; and Energy geopolitics on Jun. 20.

Contact Coralie Farlee at 202-554-4407 or for further information, to order the 8-topic study

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