By John McGrath

Highlights of Monthly PSA 104 Meeting, Thursday, Oct. 20
Participants: Sgt. Michael Architzel (substituting for Lt. Nicholas Gallucci) of PSA 104; Public Housing Police officers; Naomi Monk, PSA 104 meeting coordinator/facilitator; a total of 20 attendees.

Sgt. Architzel reviewed the year-to-date crime statistics as of Sep. 30, 2011 compared with 2010. He highlighted the following:

(1) two men who were previously arrested for armed robbery of cab drivers in the vicinity of Seventh, Sixth, Third and G streets, SW have been arrested a second time and are being held pending trial;

(2) PSA 104 is focusing on reducing tensions between rival groups in the James Creek and Greenleaf public housing communities following a 2010 murder incident;

(3) despite heavy ticketing by police, illegal left turns from Fourth Street, SW onto
M Street, SW are a continuing problem; and

(4) bike theft is an ongoing problem (heavy duty U-style bike locks are a must) — bikes in townhouse courtyards and highrise balconies
have been stolen.

Crime incidents in October 2011 were discussed: (1) a purse snatching on the plaza at Tiber Island; (2) an assault/robbery near Fourth and N streets, SW; and (3) continued incidents of marijuana sales in the O Street Circle (300 O St., SW). Police continue to patrol the O Street Circle.

Year–to-date crime statistics for PSA 104 as of Sept. 30, 2011 vs. 2010 are: Homicide -100 percent (0 vs. 1); Sex Abuse -83.3 percent
(1 vs. 6); Part II Assault (Misdemeanor) -52.2 percent (11 vs. 23); Robbery +16.3 percent (57 vs. 49); Assault with a Deadly Weapon +19.4 percent (43 vs. 36); Burglary +6.3 percent (34 vs. 32); Theft +27.3 percent (191 vs. 150); Theft from Auto -57.8 percent (57 vs. 135); Stolen Auto +32.7 percent (69 vs. 52); and Arson up for 2011 (1 vs. 0).
In response to a question, those in attendance at the meeting were informed that there is a daily log maintained at the front desk of First District Police Headquarters at 101 M St., SW which is available to all citizens. There is also an opportunity toe-mail and ask to be approved to subscribe for PSA 104 crime reports, to make comments and to ask questions about specific incidents (receive immediate answers about crime and safety incidents), which includes all PSAs in the First District.
Police provided crime pointers, including: when in doubt, call 911 and provide the police with pertinent information — time, location and clothing worn by individuals; don’t leave valuables in plain sight in your car; lock valuables in the trunk; always lock exterior doors, especially townhouse sliding doors; and secure all bikes with U-style locks and keep out of sight if possible.

Next meeting: Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011, 7 to 8:30 p.m., Riverside Condominium, B-Building lobby, 1435 Fourth St., SW.

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