By William Rich

After several months of speculation, a lease has been signed between Akridge and DC Velodrome, a local non-profit corporation that is bringing a velodrome facility to Buzzard Point.  The velodrome will be temporarily located at 1st and V Street, which will eventually become a mixed-use complex.

A portion of the Akridge site may also become part of a new stadium planned for DC United. Over the next few months, a portable cycling track will be installed at the site, along with a small grandstand, public address system, lights, public toilets, and a concessions stand. Parking will be available for 50 cars. The velodrome will host events, as well as offer classes throughout the season.

DC Velodrome is in the process of raising $300,000 to build the facility, which will be up and running at Buzzard Point by June and will be around for the next 3-5 years.

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