As Southwesters know, Lansburgh Park features open space, mature trees, park benches, a pavilion, a hill, and active uses like tennis courts.  The design sensitively accommodates a mix of uses.  However in recent years, no recreational activity—organized or spontaneous, has occurred at the park.  Representing the largest and most centrally located public space in Southwest, Lansburgh Park is a woefully underutilized community asset.

Recognizing this unfortunate state, the “Friends of Lansburgh Park” was formed by stakeholders including the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, and  other interested users with the assistance of Tommy Wells’ office and the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).  To kick start the planning and improvement process, the Friends of Lansburgh Park is organizing an open house with the assistance of DPR and Tommy Wells’ office.

Where: King-Greenleaf Recreation Center
When: 10 am – 2 pm on Saturday April 28, 2012
What: Information on the park, potential uses, and improvements will be displayed
Who: All Southwesters are invited to attend, learn, express their suggestions, and indicate how they’d like to be engaged in the revitalization of Lansburgh.  Councilmember Tommy Wells and DPR staff are also attending and will be available to facilitate and answer questions.

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