By Adam Castle And Kierra Clark

On behalf of HandsOn Greater DC Cares, we would like to say hello to the residents of Southwest DC. HandsOn Greater DC Cares has been engaging DC residents in community volunteerism for over two decades and we have grown from a small nonprofit to become the largest mobilizer of volunteers in the greater DC area. Whether you refer to it as volunteering, giving back or serving, taking the time to provide a helping hand to your neighbors, friends, and co-workers is vital to a community’s sustainability.

The Neighboring Now initiative exemplifies this by assisting DC residents in strengthening their own neighborhoods through volunteering. In the past three years, this initiative has expanded from its original neighborhood in Columbia Heights to include the Petworth, Eckington, Shaw, Ivy City, Trinidad, Ward 7 and Ward 8 communities.

By utilizing a range of resources already present within their community, neighborhood volunteers lead amazing programs, which currently include monthly community clean ups, book clubs, GED/SAT tutoring, high school student service council and an enrichment program for middle school girls.

We are now excited to be bringing similar opportunities to the Southwest neighborhood!

King Greenleaf Recreation Center is in the center of a densely populated apartment and housing community. Its beautifully windowed gym, lighted outside courts and senior activity room are only part of what this facility has to offer. With a new site manager, Toni Plater-McBride, there are sure to be many new programs and a strong sense of pride emanating from this location.

Are you ready to get involved?

King Greenleaf currently needs volunteers to assist with tutoring for GED & SAT preparation, reading circle for young children, Rose Buds for girls ages 6-12, Young Ladies on the Rise for girls ages 13-19 and Boys to Men for boys ages 7-16. To volunteer for these opportunities and to also bring your own idea to the neighborhood contact:
Adam Castle
Kierra Clark

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