It doesn’t get better than this.
Bring mom and dad, brother and sis.
Sports fan or not
Care none or a lot
This team you don’t want to miss.

Their spirit will capture your heart.
Underdogs rising are like that.
Suffering years
Of losing and tears
Now Cupid aims true with each dart.

Mirroring a blooming city
Its “state” bird a construction crane
After years in the cellar
Led by pitching so stellar
Our team plays excited and gritty.

Old-school baseball reincarnated.
No steroid-fake heroes in sight.
Hustle and energy
Love for a game
Fiercely contested each night.

The NL East Division is tough
Each see-saw battle exciting.
As victories voach
The playoffs approach
A championship for we are fighting.

An Inside Pitch
Hips turn
Economy of motion
Bat head extended out front
A lever unleashing hidden power
Rookie Tyler’s first trot.

–By Zev Feder

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