June 21, 2012, 7-8:30 P.M., Greenleaf Seniors Building, 1200 Delaware Ave. SW

Participants: Sgt. Michael Architzel and Officers Vogel and Smith, PSA 105; Naomi Monk and Irv Gamza, PSA 105 meeting coordinators/facilitators and John McGrath, recorder; Special Guests: Ward 6 Councilman Tommy Wells and his staff; ANC Commissioners Ron McBee (6D03) and Roger Moffatt (6D05) and Assistant U.S. Attorney, Doug Klein. A total of 48 persons were in attendance.

1. Sgt. Architzel reviewed the crime statistics for PSA 105 for the first six months of CY 2012 versus 2011. Violent crime is down significantly (-18.5% overall) and property crime, excepting Theft from Auto, is down (-6.4% overall). Sgt. Architzel stressed the attention police are giving to crime “hot spots” and coverage of Nationals’ ball games among other priorities within available resources on each shift. He stressed calling 911 for all suspicious activity including youths that may be carrying a concealed weapon as discussed at this meeting.

2. A spokesperson for Greenleaf Seniors expressed concerns about sporadic gunfire in the neighborhood (Syphax and James Creek were specifically cited) and other problems with teenagers and young adults who cause disturbances as well as participate in actual shootings (a shot was fired through a 7th floor window of the Seniors building). Greenleaf Seniors asked the police for more foot patrols. They also reported improvements in internal security and safety at the Greenleaf Senior Center compared to prior years. They also asked Councilman Tommy Wells for more funds for senior events and transportation services to senior events.

3. Councilman Tommy Wells addressed audience concerns including: (a) more funding for added police resources in FY 2012 and FY 2013; (b) funding for local park improvements, e.g., lighting and repairs to pavilions in Lansburgh Park; (c) more attention, with the support of ANC 6D, to removing sidewalk obstructions for residents in wheelchairs and the handicapped; and (d) consideration of alternative uses of available funds to support senior programs along with funds for playground additions/improvements. Councilman Wells praised Lt. Nicholas Gallucci of PSA 105 for outstanding crime fighting results and high case closure rates.

4. Other audience concerns included: (a) widespread sidewalk obstructions for the disabled including M St. near the Safeway store and along Delaware Ave (other streets were also cited); (b) traffic enforcement problems at 4th and M St. SW (illegal left turns onto M St.), 3rd and M St. SW (blocking the box) and several choke points along South Capitol St.; (c) problems with nonresident parking on M St. SW between 6th St. and 4th St. all day.

Next Meeting: Thursday, July 19, 2012, 7-8:30 P.M. Location to be announced later.

By John McGrath

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