This July was so hot it’s a wonder anyone got anything done – but despite the heat, our contributors came through with another month of news, features, and community events.  Thank you all – we couldn’t put this paper together without you!  But one story in this month’s paper almost slipped under our radar.  Just hours after our submission deadline, we found out that the National Capital Planning Commission had released its draft SW Ecodistrict Plan for public comment. We would be remiss in our duty as Southwest’s newspaper of record if we didn’t report on this far-ranging plan to renovate much of the Southwest quadrant north of I-395, so we pulled together an article.  More information can found online at

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Also, please take a moment to look at our proposed Editorial Policy, posted here, which is currently being reviewed by the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, Inc. (SWNA), under whose auspices The Southwester is published. Feedback is welcome and can be directed to

Last but not least, we’d like to welcome the newest member of our editorial staff on board.  Over the course of the past few months we have had trouble retaining a copy editor so our layout editor, Paul Heaton, had been valiantly picking up the slack. Fortunately, we welcomed Joshua Weiss to the team in late June as our dedicated copy editor, so Paul can stop juggling two jobs.  So a big welcome to Joshua (and an even bigger thank you to Paul)!

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