On October 15, our neighborhood Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 6D) met for the last time before the November election.

They approved two-year extensions for two construction projects, one in Southwest, and the other in near-Southeast.

The Southwest project involves two lots by the Waterfront Station shopping center. One lot is where the Bank of America trailer used to be and the other lot is between the CVS and the library. The Commission voted to support the extension for this project when the developers agreed to make the lot where the Bank of America used to be safe for those using canes and wheel chairs, as well as pedestrians. The developers plan to plant some grass next spring. The path from the library to the CVS will be paved on the other lot.

The Southeast project is for an office building at 250 M St. SE. This is the second extension they have requested. They cannot obtain financing until they have 70% of the space preleased, which they hope to have in two years.

The ANC denied a request for support for a design review for a residential and retail building at 1111 New Jersey Ave. SE, at the NJ exit of the Navy Yard Metro, diagonally across from the DOT building. The ANC voted six to one to not support the design at this time. This was the first time the whole ANC had seen the project. Commissioner David Garber had been working with the developers for a few weeks. His district includes the proposed development. The developers had responded to a committee in that area that wanted more retail spaces on the ground floor, rather than town houses. They did not propose Leed Certification, saying that designing for one would reduce the number of residential units in the building, due to ventilation requirements. They proposed 174 parking spaces for the 312 residential units.

The ANC did support the proposal for curb cuts for a development covering the north half of the 900 block from South Capitol Street to Half Street SE.

A proposal for paddle sports rentals, such as canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards at Diamond Teague Park at the pier on 1st St. SE was discussed. The pier is available for launching private boats, but it is woefully underutilized. This proposal seemed to interest the commissioners. A representative of City Council Member Tommy Wells said that the project had not been coordinated with him. The management of the park will transfer from the Gangplank Marina to Washington’s Department of Parks and Recreation January 1. The Commission did not think that a contractor could be obtained by then, and thought that the project should be coordinated with the Ward Council Member, so they voted to delay consideration until next month.

The ANC voted to support a second amendment to the voluntary agreement on their Alcoholic Beverage Control license by the Boomerang Boat Tours. They are planning to operate a second boat, berthed at the Washington Marina, but travelling between Georgetown and Diamond Teague Park, at 1st St SE.

The Friends of the Duck Pond are planning two events. Saturday, October 27th, from 12 to 2 will be Fall Fun Day at the pond. Also, Saturday, November 17 the Friends of the Duck Pond, PAWS of SW, and Arena State will sponsor My Fair Doggie, in conjunction with My Fair Lady at Arena Stage. Prizes will be gives for the best dog owner costumes in line with the play.

The Southwest Library book sale is also on Saturday, October 27, from 10 to 3. By joining the Friends of the Southwest Library for $10, you can come to the sale on Wednesday, October 24 and have your pick of books from 6 to 8 pm.

The next ANC meeting will be November 19 at 1100 4th St. SW, the usual place.

By B.K. Lunde

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