Applications for Youth Grants are still available from the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly’s Youth Activities Task Force (SWNA-YATF). The user-friendly application can be picked up at the Southwest Neighborhood Library, 900 Wesley Place, SW.

Typical grants to schools, churches, recreation centers, etc. have ranged between $200 and $800 for requests such as sports uniforms and equipment, field trips, registration fees, books and refreshments. In addition to helping other groups fund youth programs in Southwest, YATF conducts programs with its own volunteers such as Computer-for-Kids, Safe Sitter, Photography and Arts and Crafts Classes. YATF has recently partnered with the National Congress of Black Women to pilot the College for Kids Program, targeting Southwest youth ages 9-12.

Groups seeking financial aid from YATF can submit requests to SWNA-YATF, P.O. Box 70131, Washington, DC 20024-0131.

As a part of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly, YATF has been supporting youth programs in this neighborhood since 1982, using funds from an annual mail solicitation to former and current SW residents, among others, and funds from local grants. For questions regarding the grant application or YATF in general, please contact Thelma D. Jones, Chair, YATF at or call (202) 488-3746.

By Thelma Jones, chair of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) Youth Activities task force and veteran writer for The Southwester.

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