This month The Southwester wishes to recognize three of its most dedicated contributors, whose work you will be seeing less of in the coming months.

Meg Brinckman, a longtime contributor to The Southwester on education issues, will be relocating to Atlanta in March. Meg was long a dependable source of news about happenings at Amidon-Bowen Elementary, and always accompanied her articles with photos that helped Southwest residents without children at ABES reconnect with their neighborhood elementary school. A Southwest resident since 1991, Meg’s contributions to The Southwester will be sorely missed. We thank her for her many, many articles and wish her a stress-free relocation.

Zev Feder has contributed his “Notes on the Nats” column to The Southwester for years, but it will be on hiatus (temporarily, we hope) due to health concerns. The Southwester‘s dedicated source of reflections on the Washington Nationals, sports fans will surely miss his column. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

And last but not least: Thelma Jones – persistent advocate for local youth, chair of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly’s Youth Activities Task Force, and longtime champion of breast cancer awareness and education – hardly ever lets an issue of The Southwester go by without contributing an article, and this month is no different. But over the next few months she will be scaling back her involvement with the paper to focus on her health. We’re confident she can beat any malady, and a good thing too – how long can we last without our monthly dose of Thelma?

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