During this month, Sasha Bruce Youthwork worked to improve signage, provide new programs and events, and improve Randall’s presence in the surrounding community. We added additional program signage on the I & South Capitol Street sides of Randall as well as lawn signs spaced down I Street. The newest program at Randall is Zumba, which occurs every Thursday evening. This month, we also began planning for community yard sales, the Spring Egg Roll and Festival, and Spring Break Camp. In our efforts to improve Randall’s presence in the surrounding community, we worked to strengthen relationships with the Southwest Library, local churches, and several housing developments.

On March 11, 2014, there was a status hearing before Judge Edelman to hear from the attorney and receiver for Southwest Community Center. Lisa Burford shared an update regarding the programming at Randall and the progress to date. Judge Edelman was pleased to learn about the progress to date. Sasha Bruce Youthwork also had representatives at the hearing.

Program Highlight:

Kawaii Art Fashion, a Japanese culture based art style, reaped the benefits of our recruitment efforts. The program was able to hold an attendance of four or more participants each week. Instructor Imani Brown produced an excellent month-long programming plan that allowed the participating youth to leave the class with a greater appreciation for the Japanese art culture that is Kawaii, along with a few self-made fashion items to add to their personal wardrobe.


The overall visibility of Randall continues to challenge our recruitment efforts. However, the lack of heat, which was a previous concern, seems to be working efficiently.

Current Programs in Operation:

Presently, the regular programming includes the computer lab, which is open daily, yoga, Kawaii art fashion, tot lot, and zumba. The facility served as an Affordable Health Care Enrollment Center for a couple of days this month. Also, it was used for a workshop supporting Big Bus recruitment and a workforce development orientation.

Upcoming Events:

Department of Transportation has inquired to use the facility in partnership with UPO to host a series of child car seat safety sessions.

There are plans to do a grounds cleanup next month, which will include painting the benches and trash cans, picking up branches, cleaning, etc. This will be lead by SBY’s Workforce Development Department.

By: Vera Johnson

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