Photo caption: Rev. Martha Clark with Barbara and Neal Peirce, who attended their second groundbreaking for St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church. The Peirces, as original St. Augustine’s members, attended the initial groundbreaking for St. Augustine’s in the early 60s.


Photo caption: Corey Katz and Erin Baize chat in front of the land where the new St. Augustine’s Church will be built soon.




Photo caption: Kwasi Holman, Elaine Graves, Kinshasha Holman Conwill, and Joyce Bouvier are all smiles as they prepare to “break the ground.”


Photo caption: Virginia Mathis, Lauren Vaughan, Terry Duncombe, Neal Peirce, Barbara Peirce, and Pam Collins lift shovelfuls of sacred ground. In the background, John Skinner snaps photos.


Photo caption: Artist’s rendition of what the new church will look like. Construction is expected to take about 16 months.





Photos courtesy of Perry Klein.

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