A 25-minute walk from the Southwest Waterfront and you can be among the stars! That is about how long it takes to the fabulous National Air and Space Museum (NASM) in the Southwest quadrant.
One of the most popular programs at NASM is the “explainers.” This diverse group of high school and college students (they’re wearing red shirts) engages visitors with interactive learning demonstrations, focusing on the science of flight, the planets, the universe, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts.
While an estimated 7 million people visited NASM last year, with over a million viewing the learning experience demonstrations, the explainers presentations are expanding beyond the museum walls. Thanks to a sponsorship from GE Aviation, the program will be available to schools through interactive online video conferencing over the next five years, starting with the Cincinnati Public Schools.
For those of us who live in Southwest, NASM already offers a variety of free lectures and programs.
For museum events, check out their web page:
Want to be a space explorer, check out the current exhibit, Above and Beyond:
Want to apply for a student job as an explainer:
By: Sheila Wickouski

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