The newly created Waterfront Village have announced their Board Officers. For more information on the Village, please see the article in our March issue.

Barbara Ehrlich is the Founding President of the Waterfront Village Board of Directors.  Barbara moved to Southwest as a young professional from suburban Philadelphia in 1970 to work for the District Department of Health as a Public Health Nutritionist.  Barbara is a member and past Secretary of the Washington Waterfront Association, where she has also served as Event Planner for the popular Parade of Lighted Boats and Southwest Fireworks Festival.  Barbara’s other volunteer work includes serving as the current Secretary of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, being a Board member of the Community Benefits Coordinating Council (CBCC), and representing her Home Owners Association on the Waterfront Gateway Neighborhood Association, which is the facilitating organization of the Waterfront Village.  As President, Barbara will lead the community outreach effort and provide strategic direction to the Board, staff, and volunteers.

Raised in Capitol Hill, Allan Holland is the Executive Officer of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, an independent Federal agency. Allan is active in volunteer work, including supporting his 243 fellow homeowners at Capitol Park IV as the Condo Owners Association’s Treasurer where he manages an annual budget of approximately $1.7 million.  As Waterfront Village Treasurer, Allan will oversee the organization’s annual budget and the proper Federal and District reporting of its fundraising efforts.

Board Secretary Monica Evans is a Managing Partner in Odyssey Construction, LLC.  Although much of her work experience is in Federal Government contracting, Monica’s foundation is in education, where she holds a graduate-level degree and has experience working with and for non-profits.  Monica is a true Southwest native, growing up on G Street and attending what is today Amidon-Bowen Elementary School.  Monica is a Girl Scout Leader for Troop 4298 at King-Greenleaf Recreation Center and, as the  Social Chair of her Home Owners’ Association, coordinates the annual Chili Cook-Off between the four townhouse communities in the Waterfront Gateway affiliation.  As the Secretary, Monica will ensure meeting minutes are being properly taken, recorded, and made publicly available, and that the organization’s Bylaws are being followed.

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