Every so often you receive a press release or bit of information that catches you off guard. One such piece came by way of email this month with the title: IOWANS FOR DC STATEHOOD ANNOUNCE ADOPTION OF RESOLUTION IN SEVEN COUNTIES, DC statehood resolutions garner enough support to advance to next step in convention platform process.

The notice prompted me to look further into the issue. As an avid DC Statehooder, I thought I knew my fair share of DC Statehood supporters, but little did I know about the Iowans for DC Statehood (www.IowansForDCStatehood.com). The resolution was introduced at Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses on Feb. 1, 2016, passed in seven counties—at least one county in every congressional district in the Hawkeye State, and also in all four Congressional District Platform Committees.

If this plank is accepted into all four District Platforms, the State Platform Committee will consider it for adoption at the Iowa State Convention on June 18.

Who knew? I guess I now have a new place to spend my DC tax dollars because I am 100% not going to spend my money in Maryland’s 1st District thanks to House Representative Andy Harris.

By: Shannon Vaughn

Editor-in-Chief, The Southwester

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