Officials from Hoffman-Madison Waterfront, the developer of The Wharf, today announced that veteran Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Official Diane Groomes will be joining The Wharf team as director of security and public safety following her retirement from MPD at the end of this month.

In her new role, Groomes will direct all operations and activities of The Wharf’s security program to ensure a safe and secure world-class, urban waterfront neighborhood. When The Wharf opens its first phase in October, the neighborhood will span nearly a mile of waterfront and, when complete, will include 3.2 million square feet of residential, hotel, office, restaurant, retail, and cultural space across 24 acres of land and over 50 acres of water on the Washington Channel of the Potomac River.

“There is nothing we take more seriously than the safety of our waterfront community, and we feel incredibly fortunate to welcome someone so trusted and experienced in security and community policing to lead what is without a doubt one of the most important roles at The Wharf,” said Monty Hoffman, founder and CEO of PN Hoffman.

Groomes has served for the past 10 years in her role as assistant chief of the Patrol Services and School Safety Bureau and has a 27-year-long law enforcement career with MPD. At MPD, Groomes oversaw all patrol units from the First to Seventh districts, Special Liaison Division, and school safety in the District of Columbia.

“Over the past three decades, the Metropolitan Police Department has transformed itself into one of the most prestigious and respected law enforcement organizations in the country. This transformation could not have occurred without the blood, sweat, and tears of people like Diane Groomes,” said Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham. “Diane has been an integral part of MPD’s success, and her legacy will live on as this agency continues to thrive. She has been the epitome of commitment to this city, and she stands out as the example of the public servant we would all like to be,” Chief Newsham added.

Bringing her knowledge of state-of-the-art security philosophies and modern community policing experience, Groomes will oversee creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for the millions of people who visit, live, work, or come to be entertained at The Wharf.

“When The Wharf opens this fall, not only will it be one of the largest waterfront developments under construction in the country, but it will be one of the most technologically advanced neighborhoods from a safety and security standpoint,” said Chief Groomes. “What The Wharf team is building here is unprecedented, and it will be my job to ensure the well-being of residents, businesses, and visitors that come to our neighborhood. This is an incredibly unique opportunity, and one that I look forward to embracing.”

“We are honored to have Diane Groomes join The Wharf team in her new role as director of security and public safety,” said Amer Hammour, chairman of Madison Marquette. “The Wharf is committed to ensuring that every visitor and resident enjoys a positive, memorable and meaningful experience in our vibrant neighborhood and Chief Groomes’s long history of public safety excellence will contribute to that goal,” Mr. Hammour added.

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