The weekend of Oct. 14, I, like many others in the DC area, wanted to experience The Wharf’s opening for myself. However, bored of my usual metro ride into DC from Alexandria and weary of parking logistics at The Wharf, I wanted to try a new route to the city, so I took to the water.

The Potomac Riverboat Company (PRC) launched a water taxi service coasting from Alexandria or Georgetown directly to The Wharf. I arrived behind the Torpedo Factory Art Center with five minutes to spare before the taxi’s 2:25 p.m. departure. I bought my $20 roundtrip ticket at the hut near the water where most water taxi and boat cruise tickets can be purchased. From there, I was directed by a kind PRC host (who donned an easy-to-see, capri blue polo) to turn the corner and pop on the big yellow water taxi.

I chose to sit on the top deck where the view was excellent. I cannot stress enough how relaxing this change of transportation was. Patrons stared while planes whizzed by to arrive at Ronald Reagan National Airport as the boat cruised smoothly to The Wharf.

Once we were in sight of The Wharf, the buzz of the opening was apparent as the people on land were just as excited by the brightly colored boats as we were. Both locals and tourists on the water taxi whipped out their phones in attempt to capture the pinnacle beauty of a shiny, new, bustling waterfront area. All the modern, open features of The Wharf are highlighted by the point of view from the water—from the giant metal bonfire on a dock to The Anthem, a concert venue. To see The Wharf from the water is the most impressive view.

After spending some time checking out the new establishments in the area, I arrived back at the centrally located dock with ease. With precise timing, the PRC host took the other half of my ticket, and I wandered back up to the deck of the boat.

Riding the water taxi makes for a peaceful and practical journey to the newly opened area for those coming from Alexandria or Georgetown. I recommend it to both locals and tourists alike who are looking for new ways to view the city. The water taxi is stroller, wheelchair, and bike friendly so feel free to come along and bring whoever you want to enjoy the newest waterfront area of DC.

By: Molly Smathers

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